About us

TYNET 50+ was born to analyze “How can young technological women network with women 50+ ?

Why this project?

The objective of TYNET 50+ is to promote intergenerational learning through sharing European expertise on methodologies, in order to support young women living abroad, and 50+ women who have family abroad, to develop mentoring relationships primarily for supporting ICT development. Promoting this inter-generational and European learning allows both target groups to expand their knowledge and networks for greater community integration.


The primary aim of improving ICT literacy among 50+ women is for them to be able to contribute actively to online life, but also to stay in with contact their children living abroad, and learn more about the socio-economic and cultural contexts of the country in which their children are living.

Partners involved in this project are:

ARTAU (Spain), Inova Consultancy (UK), Il Progetto Alice (Italy), Business Management Öresund (Sweden), Vhto (The Netherlands), EDEM (Greece), G/I/S/A (Germany) and QUIN (Estonia).